dj fox shit twenty two

dj fox shit has unleashed a few more tracks, and man are they good?

Are they?  I dont know I havn’t heard them yet – but i am about to go to his facebook page to find out


check it out and let me know what you think??

What a cunt

The Cunt

Man I hate The Edge.

What a pretentious prick he is.

He only gets off lightly because he has to stand in the shadow of another mighty tool who dwarfs him in the total cunty-balls big bum-faced shit-sniffer stakes.

The Edge is easier to hate though, as he has that daft doo-raggy hat on and a little goaty beard, like a school teacher in an Ali G costume.

What a prick!

Livin’ on the edgeAerosmith

Close EdgeMos Def

Straight EdgeMinor Threat

Over the edgeHole

Terminator X on the Edge of PanicPublic Enemy

Razors EdgeRevolting Cocks

I saw another one today.  Everyday I see one.  Usually it’s a man, normally with wild hair and sun burnt skin, like a leather wallet, old and worn.  Sometimes it’s a lady, but they all have that look,  that look like a dead fish at the market, or like the street-pigeons, looking at you sideways, nodding their heads in different directions.  The one today was like a pigeon, the way his head was going.  He was shouting and arguing when he walked, the harder he stomped on the pavement the louder he shouted, like it was kinetic.  And they are always on their own shouting at no one.  People pass by anxious and evaluating, people cross the street to avoid them.  This one today seemed to be arguing with his fingers, the way he looked at them as if he hadn’t seen them before, like someone had put them there when he was asleep and he woke up afraid to see these ten wiggly things on the end of his hands.  He looked down at me as well, he looked down at me and barked, twitching, he barked and then stomped on arguing with himself.

The streets have been so hot; it really is hard to walk on them sometimes.  There is a smooth tiled street near the big fountain that feels like hot coals when the sun sits and bakes it all day.  I must look weird skipping down that street lifting my legs in the air like a string puppet trying to find a shady place; a doorway or under a tree.  The park is great for that, the grass is cool and spiky, and the water is nice to paddle in, but dogs with collars and owners chase you away eventually.  I prefer the streets.  I prefer the doorways of cafes and bars, people are friendlier and slower and don’t surprise you.  The smell of meat and smoke is a gentle relief from the hot sun or the dirty cars, or those kids with the boards on wheels that scrape past leaving white lines on the pavement.

There was a smell in the air today like hot stale bread, and the sky looked like a bruised apple, kind of grey and purple.  The trees glowed with a polished green, their leaves turned up to the heavens expectant and hopeful.  And then it started; a rumble overhead, like being under the railway bridge; a cool shivery breeze hushed through the streets rattling awnings and plant pots.  Then the sound of a massive intake of breath just before the sky let loose a million grey drops of rain that fell hard and fast and hissed all around bouncing on the hot hard pavement.  I sat in a doorway watching panicked people running for shelter, laughing at their own sudden inexplicable wetness, wringing themselves out and shaking their hair, wiping their glasses.

The rain has now stopped; the streets have been mopped clean by the downpour, but they will be dusty and brown again soon enough.

And here I sit at the feet of a girl who works in the bakery.  I come by here every day and she normally comes out to say hello.  She normally scratches me under the chin and strokes my head so kindly my eyes close with the serenity of the moment.  “Hola perrito ”  she says as she strokes my belly, my hind legs judder involuntarily and my front legs stretch out, my tail wags and swishes like a windscreen wiper.  I like to look up at her; she is kind and has soft hands.  I will have to go and try and find something to eat in a minute, but for now I am enjoying the attention and the chin-strokes.

herbie hancockKiddush


dj fox shit

dj(fk) fox shit

who does dj fox shit think he is anyway?

splicing old bits of kak into some mediocre bit of software and producin a half-arsed bit of tat that no-one will ever listen to anyway!

i like it!

dj fox shitprepare to die

yuck me

yuck are touring the uk and europe – trying to convince kind hearted folk about how class they are.

i am already on the yuck bandwagon and am yuckin up all over the place tryin to get there low-fi meaty goodness into as many ears as possible.

the new ep is called ‘weakend’ and the track ‘daughter’ is a lovely wee floaty song that will break your heart and bounce your balls all at the same time –  check it out 


you can find vids for there songs on there website

you’d be a fool and a seditionist  not to check them out at one of there gigs

they are playing all over the place – including france on saturday – if you are not in france on saturday, then i am really sorry, and if you are french then i am just sorry.

honk honk

25th july – midi festival – hyeres, france
29th july – heaven w/the pains of being pure at heart – london, uk
31th july – field day – london, uk

27th august- leeds festival – leeds, uk

28th august- reading festival – reading, uk

31st august – o2 academy w/modest mouse – newcastle uk

1st september – o2 academy w/modest mouse – liverpool uk

8th september – the troxy w/modest mouse – london uk

11th september – bestival – the isle of wight, uk

Fnnnneeeeeeeeee-eeeee, niddley niddley neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, wrrrreeeeeeeeee, fneeeeeeeeindlly neeeeeeeeeeee. 

That’s how it sounds when I sing the solo’s on any and all Dinosaur jr albums – and chuff me backwards till crimbo if I don’t love to do it, love to hear it and love that the indie-slacker-rock three piece are back in my life for good.  Beyond was great, almost a bit too great, like you didn’t desrve it kind of great – but Farm is a bit less great, but a bit less great like you desrve it, and you need to listen to it to make it great.

 So do your homework properly and listen hard and get ready for the fnneeeeeeeedidly deeeee’s.

I want you to know Dinosaur Jr

We Were Promised Jetpacks have got an LP out, at last!

always keep your promises you fucker

always keep your promises you fucker

They will release These Four Walls on Fat Cat Records on the 15th of June – I have already had a listen AND Chuff me if it’s not double cush.

Go and get it and then go and see them as well – they are playing around the uk at the minute – including glasgow, manchester, snottingham and the Toon on the 20th (Head of Steam).

 I have seen them a few times – they have been hanging on the shirt tails of Frightened Rabbit like a painfully shy snot faced child for far too long – they are lovely young fresh faced men who need to get out on their own and get fat hairy and sweaty to prove they can cut it with the rest of us.

we were promised jetpacksconductor